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Marina Mancuso was born in Lecce, the city of baroque, where she works and live. Her passion for art began when she was a teenager. She started as an art student in the “Istituto Statale d’arte G. Pellegrino” in Lecce and then graduate at the Accademia di Belle Arti de L’Aquila.
She collaborated with artist Fabio Mauri in the years ’90 to ’95 with the project IDEOLOGIA E NATURA as a performer in Rome, Florence, Milan, London and Paris.
In 96 she opened a studio in L’Aquila and after producing large oil paintings, portraits, on walls of buildings, interiors tromp l’oeil, she had her first solo exhibition in 2008 during Ultima Perdonanza Celestiniana named “DONNA TRA TERRA E MARE”.
In late 2008 she moved to Milano where she collaborated with design brands such as Driade and Minotti. In spring 2009 she also participated in the event HEART ATTACK during Salone del Mobile di Milano with a solo exhibition. Paintings in big format. She moved back to Lecce in 2011 where she continues her production and collaborates with VERNICE ARTE, an appreciate art gallery in Bari.
In 2015 she also illustrated the book FIABE MOBILI written by a well known journalist Silvia Mobili.
She participated in many collective exhibition for example; Fiere di Reggio Emilia and Forlì.