concursoInternational contest of Nature Photography FONAT- 2018 Country: Spain
Submission deadline: 15 March 2018
Participants: Artist from all nationalities
To value images that reflect wild species in their environment and the exuberant nature of any part of the world. Our motivation is the diffusion of environmental protection and the recognition of the remarkable work of photographers who are dedicated to this exciting activity.
Requirements: a maximum of 9 photos can be submitted, distributed at the photographer's criteria in all or all of the three categories. The same participant can submit as many photos as he or she wishes, provided that he or she pays the registration fee for each group of nine other images.
To participate IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO REGISTER previously, just access the payment of the fee and the payment platform will ask for the information. Payment of the registration fee must be made through the payment system of this website ("PARTICIPAR EN EL CONCURSO"button) via credit card, PayPal (recommended from other countries) or transfer to the account indicated in the system. If you prefer payment by bank transfer, you should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from the bank's website where the transfer was made, to certify the name of the contestant who sent it and confirm payment. If the transfer is received with the name of a holder other than the participating photographer, it is necessary that the photographer informs us to associate the payment of the fee between them or we are not responsible for any possible complications that may occur if we do not have the appropriate information to relate such payment with the participant.
The fees are not refunded under any circumstances and their payment implies participation in the contest.
The photos must be sent to low resolution exclusively online via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in JPG files of less than 4MB with a resolution of 2,000 pixels on its largest side (finalists and prizewinners will be requested at their maximum resolution after the jury's decision). Landscape and square format photos are supported.
Shipments of each set of 9 photos should not exceed 30 MB. If they do, they should be sent via so as not to collapse the mail.
Sendings from MAC should be sent exclusively via to the email address indicated. They are not supported as One Drive files.
Color or black and white photographs taken with any kind of digital device (digital cameras, telephones, tablets, etc.) are allowed and the jury may request the RAW file (or the one corresponding to the camera mark) of the finalist and award-winning images if the device with which it is created. Also to any others where there may be doubts in the rating process. Photos taken in JPG without RAW file are supported. If they are selected and the jury observes any kind of manipulation or assembly, it will ask for convincing information as to their elaboration, if previously it has not been provided with the sending of the image. Photographs with watermarks, signatures, frames or captions are not allowed. In short, the photo must be free of any additional information or decoration. The photos must be submitted with the corresponding information in a Word document that indicates: full name, address and telephone number of the author, the categories in which he is competing, technical data, equipment, content or description, place of performance and any information that the jury should know as to its elaboration. Winners will be notified throughout May and prizes will be paid before July 31st. The authors allow their use in the different means of promoting the contest: on this website, social networks, audiovisual projections, exhibition, catalogue, etc. without any right or economic interest except to indicate the name of the author. Participation in the competition implies acceptance of this requirement, but the organization is also obliged to respect all the rights of photographers, guaranteeing that they are the sole intellectual property owners of their works and at no time shall we request any type of exclusivity, ownership or use that is not previously authorized by the author and is not exclusively that of the promotion of the competition and, if appropriate, the publication of any catalog.
From domesticated or captive animals of zoos. In the event that a photograph is awarded and the animal is subsequently identified as controlled, the participant will be dispossessed of the prize.
- Assemblies with different shots in different files.
- Images with frames and superimposed texts.
- Images of aggressions to nature in general.
- Photos that have won first prizes in other competitions.
- fauna (terrestrial, aquatic and underwater) (any kind of : birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, all marine fauna, etc.)
- flora (including mushrooms, fungi and abstract compositions)
- landscape (any choice and world-wide scope)
A first prize is awarded to each of them, with another fourth absolute prize for the best of the three categories.
Technical Requirements:
Color and black-and-white photos are accepted, and regular adjustments can be made, but no processing or digital manipulation of photos is ever allowed.
Allowed settings:
- White balance, levels, color saturation, shadows and illuminations.
- Focus mask (moderate), digital noise reduction, particle cleaning, vignetting correction, distortions and chromatic aberrations.
- Multiple exposures, composite panoramas, HDR images taken in the same file and sequence are allowed, but it is necessary to indicate this.
- Cutbacks without limits, but that allow to keep the original file in JPG with at least 4 MB and without interpolation when requested at maximum resolution if they are winners or finalists.
- Those that need to be submitted to participate, on the other hand, must be less than 4MB, compressed to 2000 pixels on their larger side.
Enrollment :
Two types of registration fees have been established to encourage timely participation and avoid collapses in the final dates:
From 15 € for participants who pay their dues until 20 February.
From 20 € for participants who pay their dues from 21 February to 15 March, the final date.
Awards or finance:
- FONAT ABSOLUTO: 1.300 €, diploma and a copy of the book "Nature Photographers".
- FAUNA: 300 €, diploma and a copy of the book "Nature Photographers".
- FLORA: 300 €, diploma and a copy of the book "Nature Photographers".
- LANDSCAPE: 300 €, diploma and a copy of the book "Nature Photographers".
- 10 ACCESIC, diploma and a copy of the book "Nature Photographers".

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